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FacilityInmateRaceSexDOBBooking Date 
BROWN, JAMES DOUGLAS W M10/20/19926/18/2024 View Charges
CONTRERAS-JIMENEZ, JENNIFER LEE W F3/31/19754/25/2024 View Charges
CURTIS-HAM, MESSIAH MELIK B M1/2/20036/22/2024 View Charges
HONAKER, LAUREN EMILIE W F6/19/19845/22/2024 View Charges
JOHNSON, FRANKLIN CORDERRA B M3/16/19936/12/2024 View Charges
LIPTOK, JEREMIAH THOMAS B M2/18/19846/10/2024 View Charges
MOORE, CALVIN CARL B M11/26/19846/19/2024 View Charges
MURRAY, PETER EDWARD W M6/15/20056/18/2024 View Charges
MYERS, TIMOTHY ROSS W M6/27/19712/27/2024 View Charges
PAYNE, CAMDON ANTWAIN B M6/8/19854/10/2024 View Charges
PEREIRA-BANDA, KARLA U F7/5/19996/13/2024 View Charges
SHEPPARD, ETHAN JERIMIAH B M2/2/19995/20/2024 View Charges
THOMAS, JOHN BYRON W M5/19/19876/13/2024 View Charges
WHITE, RACHEL LAVONNE B F12/21/19856/13/2024 View Charges
WILLIAMSON, ELIZABETH ELAINE B F8/18/19696/19/2024 View Charges
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